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St.Francisville MO     1/2 mile South of the Iowa state line on Hwy 27 in far North East MO   2 1/2 hours north of St Louis MO
and 1 hour south of Iowa City



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                                                                                  Happs  Ag.
                                                                                  Ag Repair 
                                                                             (660) - 754 - 5059


                                                                                TRUMP  TRUCKS
                                                                                    Kahoka  MO
                                                                                  (800) -821- 5667

                                                                        Special  thank's to  Doug  at
                                                                       D T's   Tattoo& Body Piercing
                                                                                   Wayland MO
                                                                      for  all his skill and art work 
                                                                           in designing our logos!!!!!


                                                                            Meyers Toilet Rentals     
Send us an email at

                         Mud Truck T V   
      Mid  Missouri off Roaders

Outlaw Mud

Scotts 4x4 Site

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